Assalaamu Aleikum (May Peace Be Upon You).

In the light of recent events and the rise of Islamophobia due to Terrorist Organisations and their illegitimate activities, the World has witnessed huge consequences. Atrocities have been carried out in the number of thousands across the whole of Middle East, Europe, United States of America and Africa. The victims of any terror attack are not confined to those who are directly and physically affected by it, the victims of such attacks are also those who feel insecure, victimised and fearful as a result of that attack being justified as a sacrifice for Allah. To be on the record, Muslims are the people who feel the anger that their God and their religion are forcefully and illegitimately invoked as a justification for such henious crimes without any legitimacy in either the Qur’an or the Hadith. Moreover, as a Muslim I sense a profound sense of fear as the clouds of ‘Islamic Extremist’ is descended via all media channels in the aftermath of any attack which is perpetrated by someone purporting to act in the name of Islam.p6.jpg

On a factual point of view (which is by the way very much demanded in classifying Islam as peaceful or otherwise). CNN being a reputed and accepted news agency has a good article listing the numbers of various “Islamic” terrorist organizations (there’s a whole other discussion on how the question is wrong since Islam doesn’t teach unwarranted violence). The article estimates around 106,000 individuals are members or identify with these organizations. That’s a pretty high number, but let’s do some high-level number crunching so we can get a better idea of how big that is. A recent Pew Research Study places the number of Muslims worldwide to be around 1.6 billion (or 23% of the world’s population). So doing some basic math, we get that about .006625% of the Muslim population are “extremist”. Assuming 0.006625% of the whole Muslim population contributing almost 1/4th of the whole population of the world are actually “extremists” and carry out activities which have absolutely no shred of position in the correct context and interpretation of the Holy Qur’an. Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 8.26.13 PM.png

However, Islam in the present world condition is being smeared by quoting unfinished verses of the Qur’an by many anti-Islamic pseudo intellectuals around the globe, some of these are people I’m acquainted with through school or Facebook. I follow a religion in which 113 out of 114 chapters of the Qur’an begins by introducing Allah as a God of Mercy and Compassion. I do not follow a religion which introduces my God to me as a God of War or a Greek God of Wrath or a God of Hate and Injustice. Yes there are verses related to warfare and violence, Islam is not a passive religion, my argument is not to classify Islam as a pacifistic faith. Islam allows military action and violence in certain limits and context and I accept that a minority of Muslims (previously concluded as 0.6625%) do take it out of that context: But is it religious? To justify this I’d I’d like to quote a verse of the Qur’an “Any Muslim who kills an innocent, it is as if he has killed the whole of Humanity” [Qur’an: 5:32]. But the anti-Islamic pseudo intellectuals make it appear that it is absolutely religion. These self proclaimed “researchers of Islam” are neither experts, scholars or historians of Islam, they’re not even terrorism or security experts. Despite this fact these people smearing the image of Islam and sweeping their not so well backed opinions.fatiha.jpeg

According to Prof. Robert Pape of the University of Chicago and one of America’s leading terrorism expert who unlike the pseudo anti-Islamic intellectuals studied every single case of suicide terrorism between 1980 and 2005 of 315 cases in total. he concluded , “There is little connection between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism or any of the world’s religion. Rather what all the suicide bombings have in common is a specific secular and a strategic goal to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from territory (nations) that the terrorist forces consider to be their homeland.”

The hilarious irony is that the anti-Islamic intellectuals and these terrorist organisations like the ISIS or Al Qaeda actually have one thing in common, which is that they both believe that Islam is a war-promoting, violent religion. Both these parties agree on that. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi and Osama Bin Laden (if alive) would be nodding along to everything the pseudo-intellectuals argue upon. Suicide bombing in reference to Dr. Tahir ul Qadri who’s well renowned Islamic scholar in Pakistan issued a 600 page fatwa denouncing suicide bombing as anything but Islamic.

The pseudo intellectuals who believe in facts and strive to deliver it claim Prophet Muhammad as a person with psychological disorders who in turn is  labelled as the greatest lawgiver by the US Supreme Court (although all laws are of Allah, The Sovereign). Perhaps there’s no use justifying anything.SC.png

A revelation which said about the Big Bang Theory;  The earth is spherical in shape; The moon which has a reflected light; The water cycle; The human body is made of water; embryological behaviour 1400 years ago. I believe my Qur’an is perfect!

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